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Italian immigrant drama The Promised Life (La vita promessa) now streaming on MHz Choice!

Starting in Sicily in 1921, The Promised Life tells the story of Carmela Carrizzo and her family (Luisa Ranieri from Homicide Squad and Luisa Spagnoli). They’re peasants forced into a hard life of labor under the brutal supervision of Mafia don, Vincenzo Spanò (Francesco Arca). Things come to a head after one of Carmela’s children, Rocco (Emilio Fallarino) is accused of being a thief and dumped in the center of town during church service adorned with a sign around his neck reading “Carrizzo – Thief.” Falsely accused and beside himself at the unjust humiliation, Rocco attempts suicide. Though his effort is unsuccessful, it sets off a chain reaction leading to the death of Carmela’s husband Salvatore (Marco Foschi) at the hands of Vincenzo Spanò, a ruthless man determined to make Carmela his at any cost.

Fearing for the safety of her family, Carmela agrees to marry by proxy a fellow Italian widower so she can get safe passage to America.  Though the journey across the ocean won’t be easy, Carmela is determined to stop her sons from taking revenge against Vincenzo Spanò and to deliver them to a better life.

In the following clip we see her character on full display. Though she has but a few dollars to her name and no idea what awaits them once they arrive in America, Carmela refuses to pocket the small fortune she discovered while working in the bowels of the ship – much to the dismay of her fellow workers! This clip also introduces us to Mr. Ferri (Thomas Trabacchi), a fellow Italian immigrant and widower who has been able to take full advantage of America’s opportunities. Their friendship begins with his generous offer and her surprising response.

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