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The tense Portuguese crime drama Daughter of the Law shows people at the end of their rope living on nerves and impulses, doing wretched things. This applies to the cops and the bad guys both. Over the course of 20 episodes, it never lets up. If you like fast-paced, edgy police dramas, pull up a chair!

As the series begins, Chief Inspector Isabel Garcia is being told she and her team have to take the case of a serial killer violently murdering young women around Lisbon. It’ll be soul-killing and Isabel knows it, but she’s an acclaimed investigator. She’s already on the edge personally, facing battles at home and at work. At home, she has a mouthy 16-year-old daughter and at work she endures constant bad press from the local paper – headed up by her ex-husband, Jaime.

On top of it all, her boss lets her know he’s giving her the ‘gift’ of another team member – a rookie.

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