Our first series in Breton, ‘Fin Ar Bed’ (At the end of the world) starring Nolween Korbell premieres March 1, 2022 on MHz Choice!

In Fin Ar Bed (At the end of the world) we spend some time on the road, but not too much time since the whole series clocks in at around 60 minutes across seven episodes. This adventure/mini-thriller starts with three strangers, one with a gun and trigger-happy thugs hot on his tail. With gun in hand, Klet (Kaou Langoët) executes a clumsy carjacking escape in the pristine auto of Marie (Nolween Korbell). They pick up Fañch (Roger Stephán), an insistent elderly hitchhiker who is a man-on-a-mission to get back to his ancestral home.

They are all on the run from something in their different lives, though there’s no shortage of real car chases and bad guys in this small-sized thriller set and shot along the Brittany coast and in the Breton language. Among the three no-longer strangers, guns change hands, alcohol is consumed, more escapes are attempted and in the end, a destination is reached. The short length of the episodes helps move the story at a brisk and satisfying pace.

Sometimes a good story doesn’t have to fit neatly into an expected episode or movie length. Fin Ar Bed has great characters and all the reasons to keep going on a mini-binge to its conclusion. Enjoy the ride!

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