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Living a Lie, a captivating mix of personal drama and political intrigue from Wales, now available on MHz Choice!

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As the story begins, the fragile coalition of the three political parties in the fictional Welsh parliament at the heart of the series is thrown into disarray when the First Minister (the “Prime Minister” of Wales) is found dead in a hotel room. With a prostitute, as it happens. Hard-charging political reporter Angharad Wynne is all over the story, which takes a new twist when Meirion Llywelyn, Angharad’s father-in-law and the unscrupulous leader of the New Conservative party, takes over as First Minister. Even more disturbing (for her) is the surprise reappearance in Cardiff of slick political operative Harri James, a man from Angharad’s London past – a past she’d prefer was forgotten…

Angharad is played by Catherine Ayers, best known to US audiences as Lisa Connors in the popular BBC thriller Keeping Faith. Harri James is played by Matthew Gravelle, who played creepy Joe Miller in the hit British drama Broadchurch. Together, these two have chemistry to spare – and hearing them (and the rest of the cast) speak Welsh is a real treat. Some words are pretty much the same as in English – you can probably guess what the epithet “Blydi hel!” is – but extra bonus points for anyone who can tell us, for example, what “Ti moyn i fenyw arall ddod i fyw aton ni achos bo’ ti’n unig!”* means… (click or tap below)

* Answer: “You want another woman to come live with us because you are lonely!” Actual line of dialog from Episode 3.

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