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Detective Montalbano episodes 35 & 36 premiered in May 2020 on MHz Choice. You can watch all Montalbano episodes on MHz Choice.

Detective Montalbano episodes 35 & 36 to premiere on MHz Choice

So here we are, in the unforgettable spring of 2020, with two more episodes featuring your favorite Sicilian detective. Luca Zingaretti reprises his iconic role as Salvo Montalbano in the 35th and 36th installments of this international blockbuster series, which premiered in Italy earlier this year. Series regulars Cesare Bocci (Mimi), Peppino Mazzotta (Fazio) and Angelo Russo (Catarella) also return in the new episodes.

As most of you know, Detective Montalbano suffered terrible blows in 2019 and 2020 with the deaths of creator and writer, Andrea Camilleri, director Alberto Sironi and production designer Luciano Ricceri. Last summer, however, the production managed to create these two new episodes with Detective Montalbano star Luca Zingaretti directing. Enjoy, and raise a glass to the giants who created this series and to the great talents keeping it going.

DVD release date for both episodes TBD.

Dear Livia – Premieres May 19, 2020
EPISODE #35: A gifted young researcher suffers a brutal death in a municipal archive but the leads don’t add up: Montalbano discovers a complex personal life but finds no enemies. It’s a heartbreaking case because the young woman was Livia’s personal friend and beloved by her parents and the immigrant orphans she worked with.

The Safety Net – Premieres May 26, 2020
EPISODE #36: Montalbano tries to figure out the significance of some mysterious home movies while a break-in at Augello’s son’s school reveals the darker side of social media. In the middle of it all, a Swedish television company ties up traffic (as well as Mimi Augello’s personal life) while they film a period series.

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