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SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve seen Season 3, Episodes 3 and 4.

Season 3, Episode 3: One of Us

Marlene is released from the hospital. The restructuring of the Ministry for State Security, now renamed the Office for National Security, is in full swing. Falk gives his first orders: all Stasi files are to be destroyed immediately. Falk also orders that former Stasi collaborators be immediately activated in order to wipe out the opposition groups from within – including Dunja Hausmann.

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One of Falk’s agents, a man named Kulisch, disagrees with this and becomes agitated. Falk relieves him from duty, making him even more distraught. Martin’s friend Peter Görlitz reveals to him that he was part of the violent Stasi crackdown on demonstrators inside the Gethsemane Church in October, and is afraid he will be prosecuted for following those orders. Hans delivers Dunja’s Stasi files to her, and she destroys them. Meanwhile, Martin confronts his brother with the photo he found at Katja’s place. Falk lies to him and says that Robert Wolff had worked with the Stasi as an informant. But Falk is alarmed. He immediately assigns Rothals to follow Martin, to find out where he’s getting his information from, and it doesn’t take long before Katja is in the Stasi’s sights. Falk decides to take the matter into his own hands and breaks into Katja’s apartment and takes all her prints and negatives. With Katja’s help, Martin has found where Anna is currently living. An unexpected visitor shows up in the Kupfer house: Lisa, Martin’s now 17-year-old daughter from his first marriage, has returned from Dresden. Kulisch bursts in on the Kupfer family at home, confronting Falk with a summons he received to testify before a civil rights committee. The distressed man shoots himself in front of the family.

Season 3, Episode 4: The American

Lisa hopes that a photo shoot for a West German fashion magazine will be the opportunity she needs to launch a modeling career in Paris. Martin, who must sign the contract for his underage daughter, is less enthusiastic about the idea.

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Falk continues to take a strong stance against political opponents and finds some support among the officers. While Vera tries to deal with Robert’s death, Nicole still refuses to believe that her brother committed suicide. She is convinced that the Stasi are behind his death. Meanwhile, Katja and Martin go to the Simkows’ house in West Berlin, but they are not at home. A note on the door tells him that the family has gone skating. He and Katja immediately set off after them. When he sees Anna fall on the ice, Martin rushes to help her. As a thank you, Anna’s foster parents invite Martin and Katja to dinner at their home. Martin is skeptical. Meanwhile, a no-holds-barred article on Dunja appears in a Western newspaper revealing her past as a Stasi informer. Hans realizes that Falk must have copied important Stasi files before they were destroyed, as this is the only way the newspaper could have gotten the information. Martin accuses Katja of writing the article, and she is deeply hurt. She then tries to find out who actually wrote the article. In the course of her efforts she is contacted by a CIA agent named Schnyder, who offers Katja a deal: the photo of Falk and Robert Wolff in return for the information that Falk Kupfer was the one who leaked Dunja Hausmann’s file to the press. Additionally, Katja learns that Falk has placed a mole in the Democratic Forum. Martin tells Vera and Nicole about this, and they can’t believe it. Meanwhile, Democractic Forum member Frank Luchnik secretly reports to Falk, accusing him of leaking the info on Dunja. Martin and Katja arrive at the Simkows’ house in West Berlin for dinner. After the meal, Martin bonds with Anna. After Anna goes to bed, Martin tells the Simkows the truth about “their” daughter, and requests a paternity test. Their reaction is understandably not positive, and Rainer Simkow angrily orders Martin out of their house. Schnyder approaches Falk and shows him Katja’s photo. He offers him a deal: Falk will report everything of importance about the new ministry, and in return the CIA will not reveal the fact that Falk was involved with the deaths of Robert Wolff, Julia Hausmann and the swapping of Martin’s daughter at birth.