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MHz Choice has two versions of Jan Guillou’s super spy Carl Hamilton, including Hamilton and the much-anticipated second season of Agent Hamilton.

The latest Hamilton (Jakob Oftebro) distinguishes himself from his predecessors through his sensitive, morally rigorous portrayal as a double agent (FBI/Navy SEAL trained) in more subtlety-shaded gradations of the warrior in tightly written scripts by creator and producer Per Hanefjord, director Erik Leijonberg, co-producers Renee Axo, Patrick Nebout, Fredrik Tolsson, Alexander Kantsjo and Fredrik T. Olsson, and an exceptional supporting cast and crew.

Commander Carl Hamilton’s strengths and weaknesses emerge more fully realized because lives are at stake — especially his own. In Season 1 (10 episodes) of Agent Hamilton, the highly-trained lethal weapon must contain, thwart and disarm enemies of the state by rescuing an agent on foreign soil, infiltrating terrorist cells, foiling assassinations and bombings. In Season 2 (8 episodes), Hamilton’s fiancée Lykke Ojestad (Felice Jankell) provides a soothing, loving counterbalance to his turbulent life which is in constant freefall.

This season, Hamilton – along with some returning characters — is working for both SÄPO (Swedish Intelligence Agency [CIA/FBI]) under Admiral Astrid Bofors (Annika Hallin) and OP5 (Black OPS) under Kristin Ek (Nina Zanjani), his former colleague. He is again aided by Birger Hagman (Jorgen Thorsson), chief of SÄPO Intel, whose hyper-vigilant diagnostics and cutting-edge technological tools defeat an ever-changing landscape of villains – perceived and hidden at the intersection of politics, finance and crime. He unearths unethical and unscrupulous business/political practices while treading a fine line between socially-accepted activism and nihilistic terrorism – comprising an existential threat — laced with a maelstrom of conspiracy theories.

The second season is a meditation on the obsessions of Jan Guillou as his hero infiltrates terrorist groups (Political/Economic/Ecological), prevents germ warfare and the manufacture of ‘dirty bombs;’ impedes the destruction of national power grids in an attempted coup; foils industrial espionage agents from acquiring chemical weapons; thwarts kidnappings and assassinations in addition to the manipulation of our electronic addictions by unknown entities on the dark web in a new version of the Cold War.

Le Coq Rouge (1986) and 12 other novels introduced the Bondian “antidote” – Carl Hamilton, whose popularity is a testament to the numerous film and TV adaptations. Carl Hamilton (with a better wardrobe this season) is both a nod to and an amalgamation of the heroes and anti-heroes of Graham Greene (1904-91) and John le Carré (1931-2020) with a smattering of Ian Fleming (1908-64). Guillou draws upon Greene’s and le Carre’s plots and characters.

Guillou’s Hamilton displays a genuine sensitivity to the challenges of his job and the sacrifices he must make to stay alive and to complete his missions – sometimes — at a high personal cost.

More About Jan Guillou

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Author Jan Guillou

Son of a French Resistance-fighter father and a Norwegian mother, Franco-Swedish citizen Jan Guillou courts controversial, unpopular opinions. His work reflects his ultra-left, pro-communist/fascist, anti-gay and anti-feminist views and agendas. He also foments anti-American and anti-Middle Eastern biases, lambasts Swedish courtroom procedures and government policies by publishing contemptuous, highly critical and inappropriately leaked information with a skewed point of view.

As a publisher, journalist, and political commentator, he courted controversy by publishing an expose of the Swedish Secret Intelligence Agency (SÄPO) in a series of articles linking Prime Minister Palme’s Social Democratic Party to a secret list of subversives in Sweden, known as the “Informations Bureau” (IB Affair) with ties to the CIA.

His highly placed sources included a CIA recruit who helped him reveal illegal foreign OPS to the public (i.e., Angola). From 1967-72, his reputation was damaged because of his associations with Communists and Marxists leading to the “CIA Affair,” a 10-month imprisonment and being labeled by the US as a terrorist.

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