Season 2 of classic Danish crime drama Unit One now available in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

Winner of the 2002 International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series, Unit One (DR) is a thriller about an elite mobile police task force that travels around Denmark helping local law enforcement solve serious crimes. Charlotte Fich (Prisoner, The Killing) and Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal, Casino Royale) lead a cast of Danish all-stars in this classic crime drama.

Ingrid Dahl (Fich) is an ambitious detective who has been promoted to command Unit One, an elite mobile police task force operating out of a tricked-out semi-trailer. She quickly gains the respect of her team, including the impulsive and emotional detective Allan Fischer (Mikkelsen), the bad boy of the group whose hot temper and disregard for rules often leads to trouble, and the cerebral and intuitive Thomas La Cour (Lars Brygmann, Dicte, Riders of Justice), who has the uncanny ability to quickly intuit what actually happened at crime scenes. Veteran detective Jens Peter ‘IP’ Sørensen (Waage Sandø, Follow the Money) is the glue that holds the team together. And Johnny Olsen (Lars Bom, Pusher), former Danish national soccer star who drives the Unit’s mobile HQ, and Gaby Levin (Trine Pallesen, The Killing) who handles logistics for the team, make a fetching couple!

Guest cast this season include Mads’ big brother Lars Mikkelsen (The Killing, Sherlock), Nicolas Bro (Riders of Justice), Thure Lindhardt (The Bridge), Nicolaj Lie Kaas (Follow the Money) and Claes Bang (The Square, The Bridge).


Unit One Season 2 premieres June 11th, 2024 on MHz Choice. Season 3 will premiere later this year!

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