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Meet your new favorite detectives! The hit Italian mystery drama The Bastards of Pizzofalcone now streaming only on MHz Choice!

Based on the bestselling series of mystery novels by Maurizio de Giovanni, The Bastards of Pizzofalcone introduces a ragtag team of detectives who take over the small Pizzofalcone precinct police station in the aftermath of a scandal. Led by Inspector Giuseppe Lojacono, a brilliant investigator with a checkered past, these misfits and outcasts are thrown in the deep end as they find themselves investigating a series of high-profile murders that have the whole town talking. Set in the atmospheric southern port city of Naples and with an innovative visual style courtesy of Hollywood director Carlo Carlei, The Bastards of Pizzofalcone is a pacy, punchy and utterly enthralling set of modern Italian mysteries.


Giuseppe Lojacono
A brilliant investigator with a checkered past, Lojacono was falsely accused of passing info to the Mafia at his old post in Agrigento. Desperate to clear his name, he jumps at the chance for a new start with his assignment to Naples. The only downside for him: a long-distance relationship with his teenage daughter, Marinella.

Laura Piras
Laura is an ambitious and tenacious public prosecutor who is responsible for the majority of the high-profile murder cases in and around Naples. She quickly forges a strong working relationship with Pizzofalcone’s new chief, Palma – and a much more personal one with Inspector Lojacono.

Marco Aragona
Aragona’s family connections got him into the force in the first place – and his youth and brash manner tend to turn people off on first impression. But although he may act like a third-rate Coliandro, Aragona eventually settles into the job and proves to be an intuitive and insightful investigator.

Giorgio Pisanelli
One of two holdovers from the old Pizzofalcone regime, Pisanelli was the station’s acting supervisor until Palma’s arrival. A workaholic in spite of some serious health issues, Pisanelli keeps busy with extracurricular investigations into a series of suspicious suicides in the neighborhood.

Luigi Palma
Palma is Pizzofalcone’s new boss, and it’s his job to get all the new, disparate personalities to function together. He does so remarkably well, at the same time doing his best to shelter the squad from political pressure and interference from above. He takes a serious liking to Ottavia, who helps him with apartment shopping, and he’s devoted to his dog, Nennella.

Alessandra “Alex” Di Nardo
The youngest member of the team, Alex is a weapons expert and firearms connoisseur – a passion she inherited from her father, a former general. She still lives with her parents, both rather overbearing, from whom she conceals her homosexuality.

Ottavia Calabrese
Ottavia is the other holdover from the Pizzofalcone’s previous administration, along with Pisanelli. An IT expert, Ottà is the station’s point person for data retrieval and online searches. At home, she and her husband face the challenge of raising an autistic son, Riccardo.

Francesco Romano
It’s an understatement to say that Romano has anger issues: violent and short-tempered, he was exiled to Pizzofalcone after almost strangling a suspect at his old station. At home, he has an equally difficult relationship with his wife, Giorgia, which comes to a head over the course of these six episodes.

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