What would you do if you thought your son was a killer? The gripping French TV movie Tu Es Mon Fils now on MHz Choice!

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Tu Es Mon Fils is set in the small seaside commune of Fouras, home to Claire Valent (Anne Marivan), a divorced mother of two now remarried to Paul (Charles Berling), who has two kids of his own from a previous relationship. Claire shares custody of her teenage son, Raphael, and daughter Lara with her ex, Marc (Thomas Jouannet), who lives on nearby Aix Island. Claire and Paul’s families blend together well enough on the surface, but hidden tensions boil over when the lifeless body of a missing 15-year-old girl is found in a nearby swamp: A pair of missing sneakers leads Claire to suspect Raphael might have had something to do with his classmate’s killing. Unable to believe her own son could be capable of such a crime, Claire launches her own personal investigation into the murder, even enlisting her ex in the endeavor. But the deeper she digs, the more the evidence points to her son’s guilt…

Novelist and film critic Thelma Adams has favorably compared Tu Es Mon Fils to popular British crime drama Broadchurch, and there is more than a hint of that series in this taut, psychological thriller. Indeed, despite its very atmospheric French setting and actors, Tu Es Mon Fils is a remake of A Mother’s Son, a critically acclaimed 2012 ITV drama starring Hermione Norris (MI-5, Luther) and Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) – so the British DNA is definitely in there!

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