Season 3 now premiering!


The last word in clashing cultures and raging hormones arrives when the third (and final) season of acclaimed German comedy Turkish for Beginners is now streaming only on MHz Choice!

Season 3 Now Available

Praised by DW as “a highly entertaining bonanza of cultural stereotypes,” Turkish for Beginners stars Josefine Preuß as Lena Schneider, a typical German teenager living with her mom, Doris, and Doris’ Turkish boyfriend Metin, plus his two kids: Cem, a macho wannabe whose main goal in life is being cool, and the stern, hyper-religious Yagmur, who masks her grief over her own mother’s death by throwing herself into Islam. The family expands further when Doris’ right-wing, xenophobic father moves in with them. One big happy, right? Things get even more complicated when Lena and Cem fall for each other – then break up at the end of the second season.

Season 3 begins with Lena and her best friend Kati graduating from high school – and Cem informing Metin that he flunked out and has to repeat senior year. (Academics was never his strong point, observes Doris, but Metin still doesn’t take the news well.) Meanwhile, Yagmur doesn’t plan on graduating either – she sits at home alone in her room, waiting for C-C-Costa to return from Greece and propose to her. Exactly how Yagmur ended up back home after Season 2 ended with she and Costa secretly setting off for Greece together, well… that’s a mystery that’s eventually revealed around the halfway point of the new season. And speaking of revelations, after 36 episodes of one-sided conversations, we *finally* meet Lena’s best friend for the first time! Yes, Kati’s back from America – and the two are almost immediately at each others’ throats when they realize they’re both competing for the same internship! Career trumps friendship, says Kati. (Lena’s new video pen pal? Her dad, having returned to the Amazon after the conclusion of Season 2!)

Meanwhile, Cem dates a bunch of girls, all of whom bear more than a passing resemblance to Lena – a fact that doesn’t escape her notice. It doesn’t escape his notice, either, that no matter what else he does, he can’t seem to get his mind off her. Will the inevitable happen? You’ll have to watch to find out. But this season, more than any other, is full of heart. Season 3 still brings the funny, as raunchy and outrageous as ever, but what viewers come away with at the end is a deep affinity with and affection for the characters, all of whom grow and change in unexpected ways over the course of these 16 episodes. Yes, even Hermi the Nazi grandpa.

So get ready for one last helping of love, laughs and a ton of uniquely German pop culture references! (This is still the only show that can casually reference Goethe in one scene and debate the relative merits of Tatort: Munich in the next.) Growing up has never been this much fun!

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