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Spring Tide Season 2: Burning Questions

I was truly left reeling by Season 1 of Spring Tide. It featured one of the most disturbing crimes… WAIT! Have you seen it yet? Go watch it now!

A pregnant woman is drugged and buried to her shoulders in sand on the beach where she drowned as the tide came in — one of the most disturbing crimes I’ve ever seen, even for Scandinavian shows. The twists and personal revelations that came as young police academy student, Olivia, worked on this cold case with Tom Stilton, old partner of her late father, were whiplash in nature. Her journey to self-discovery having just begun, Olivia likely has many burning questions yet to be answered. Here are a few more:

Is the beautifully spooky theme song back?
I’m thrilled to say that Jonathan Johansson’s No Rest for Me still plays over the credits. The song has haunted me for a year and, as apt as it was for the story of Season 1, the chorus is even more prescient for the events of Season 2:

If there’s rest by the water, if there’s rest by the sea; if there’s rest for the mourners, ain’t no rest for me.

There is indeed much mourning going on, with seemingly no end in sight.

Is Olivia making good choices?
Well. Olivia, played by Julia Ragnarsson, ran off for six months to Mexico to find out more about her biological parents and, immediately upon returning, tripped into a dramatic murder case involving her former neighbor and his daughter, who looks to Olivia as a role model. The girl could have worse examples, but Olivia does have a tendency to get herself into trouble, ignoring authority and constantly putting herself in harm’s way. Girl, you never even graduated from your program! Stop breaking into murderer’s apartments with no backup to find evidence!

How is Stilton’s state of mind?
The wonderful Kjell Bergqvist won the Swedish equivalent of an Emmy for his portrayal of Tom Stilton, and it was much deserved. When we left him at the end of Season 1, he was down but not out, spurred out of his darkest depression to solve a series of attacks on the homeless and help Olivia with the beach case. There’s certainly no rest for Tom in Season 2, when he becomes enrolled in Abbas’ mission to solve a personal case in Marseille. Yes, we’re going to France, and I’d say it was beautiful, but there’s a lot of people getting killed there. Though Tom has proven himself time and again to be the most loyal friend, Abbas’ methods and knife-edge behavior unsettle his wits just when he needs them most to help the team back in Sweden.

spring tide s2 Julia Ragnarsson promo 7 1920x1080
Julia Ragnarsson in Spring Tide

The team’s okay, right?
Define “okay.” Everyone, it seems, has drama going on in more layers than a Tusenbladstarta. Oh, what’s that? A Swedish dessert that I want to eat immediately that translates to “the thousand-leaves torte.” I’m just saying, there’s a LOT happening. The previously-mentioned Abbas seems determined to single-handedly end crime in the South of France, by any means necessary; Olivia is throwing herself blindly into a murder investigation she does not understand and, it seems, into surrogate motherhood of an orphaned teen; Mette is in the middle of a health crisis just when her and Tom’s professional nemesis decides to strike. Meanwhile, there’s an endless series of threads to explore to determine the unfathomable motives for the murders that started this whole thing. Will any of our faves come out of this whirlwind of evil in one piece? Let’s find out in Season 2.

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