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Agatha Christie’s mysteries have never looked so stylish!

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At long last, a new season of Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games has arrived! Happy to report that nothing has changed – Inspector Swan Laurence (Samuel Labarthe) exudes his usual elegant, imperious manner and tools around in his burgundy Facel Vega Coupé, Marilyn Monroe lookalike Marlène (Élodie Frenck) still serves as his faithful secretary, and journalist Avril (Blandine Belavoir) works her way into every investigation and manages to sing in front of a mic whenever she can.

The terrific supporting cast is back, too – Cyril Gueï as Dr. Glissant, the super cool coroner and Dominique Thomas as Chief Tricard. Joining the ensemble in Season 4 is Marie Berto, playing hangdog police officer Arlette Carmouille . Hmm… wonder if she could be a love interest for someone?

The versatile Élodie Frenck, who plays Marlène, shows up in a lot in the MHz Choice library – she’s in Captain Marleau Season 2 and in an upcoming Murder In… episode. And I just recently realized that she played a double role in Season 2, as Marlène’s unhappy sister in “Hickory Dickory Dock.” You will not recognize her!

In this clip from Season 4, Marlène schools Inspector Laurence about his awful habit of sending flowers to women, accompanied by a breakup note.

The ultimate lightweight mystery series, Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games is a frothy confection, with stories loosely based on Agatha Christie novels and great attention paid to costumes and sets. It’s the best kind of entertaining escape, like seeing old friends again. The Season 4 finale is a don’t-miss doozy, but more about that later!

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