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Reading this article reveals key points of this program! How about watching it first?
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SPOILER ALERT! Reading this article reveals key points of this program! How about watching it first?

Season 7 Recap

Before reading our Spiral Season 7 (series 7) synopsis below, how about watching it first?

When their beloved boss Commissioner Herville is found dead in a Chinese restaurant in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, Gilou must break the news to Laure, who is being treated in a police rehab center. Now in charge of the unit, Gilou begins investigating with Ali Amrani, a young cop fresh out of training with whom he’s developed a good rapport – and become a mentor of sorts. (Yes, they even go running together!) They quickly find themselves on the case of a break-in gone wrong and on the trail of 15-year-old Rayan, a juvenile delinquent. As soon as Laure comes back to work, the old wound opens up again. Although Gilou tries to keep his distance, the joint adrenaline rush leads him to lower his guard. To her, he has been everything – a brother, a friend, a lover – and none of these things. This time, he will be her guardian angel…

After leaving Gilou (Thierry Godard) waiting in the parking lot with a giant stuffed panda and abandoning her newborn daughter Romy, Laure (Caroline Proust) is overcome with depression. She enters a facility that specializes in police burnout. After learning of Herville’s murder, she wants to be part of the investigation, feeling the need to solve this case in order to heal herself – even if it means shaking up Gilou, in grief over their relationship. The need to be back at work takes precedence over all, including Romy, whom she knows she isn’t capable of taking care of at this time. She agrees to hand over custody to Romy’s dad, Commissioner Vincent Brémont, and his wife. Back at work, Laure discovers that the owner of the Chinese restaurant was one of Herville’s informers. From there, the trail leads to Aubervilliers, in a discount store warehouse zone that is really a front for a vast money-laundering operation.

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Caroline Proust (Laure Berthaud) and Thierry Godard (Gilou Escoffier)

After undergoing surgery, Roban (Philippe Duclos) returns to work. But the news quickly hits him: his retirement date is rapidly approaching, as the law says judges must step down following their 65th birthday. The countdown has started. Roban is shaken, but still manages to position himself to oversee the Herville case – much to Laure’s relief. Leaving his job with an unsolved case feels unbearable to Roban, and he starts to take dangerous shortcuts. He also finds himself distracted by his attraction to Dr. Catherine Micaleff, a witness in a medical malpractice case on his docket. With the clock ticking and hormones raging, Roban could very well find himself publicly humiliated through the machinations of our old friend…

Awaiting trail, Joséphine (Audrey Fleurot) struggles with life in prison. She meets Lola, a young and unstable inmate with whom she develops a special bond. Meanwhile, Eric Edelman has gone from being Joséphine’s courtroom nemesis to being her savior – in his own immoral way. After successfully defending her and offering her a chance to get back on her feet after her release from prison, she agrees to take on a highly sensitive case with him, conducting an offensive against Roban by successfully baiting him to carry out raids based on forged documents. At the same time, Lola’s story makes her realize that cynicism as a way of life doesn’t cut it for her anymore – she bonds with Lola when she discovers her former cellmate was also the victim of rape. Then, just when you think she’s softening up, Joséphine discovers that Edelman is slow-walking her parole in order to keep her under his thumb, and she reacts as you’d imagine – she quits his firm, taking his most lucrative client with her – one Pierre Solignac….

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Audrey Fleurot (Joséphine Karisson)

As the Financial Crimes division led by Commissioner Lebrion hones in on their case, Laure and Gilou arrest Pierre Solignac (Philippe Jeusette), a client who took delivery of the Aubervilliers cash. This risks alerting the money laundering network – which it does, and it promptly ceases operation. For their next trick, Laure and Gilou circumvent procedure to identify David Cann, a financial advisor who is also implicated in the scheme, and who is also represented by Edelman. Meanwhile, blackmailed about the forged documents, Roban can no longer pursue his investigation. Laure and Gilou give him a swift and effective helping hand by blackmailing Solignac and stealing his cash. They use this to reactivate the dormant money-laundering operation with an entirely illegal undercover purchasing operation. On the advice of Joséphine, his lawyer, Solignac reports Laure and Gilou to Internal Affairs. Guess who gets that case?

Now working for IA, Tintin (Fred Bianconi) finds himself in the unenviable position of investigating his former colleagues. Under the sharp eyes of his new boss, he has to choose sides. Arrested for taking Soignac’s cash, Laure and Gilou are released due to lack of evidence and manage to sow the seeds of dissent within the money-laundering network, leading to unexpected results when a man named Oury, David Cann’s brother in-law, is kidnapped. The team now has proof that Cann ordered Herville’s murder to protect his network. The police raid Cann’s nightclub with help from Joséphine. She seems less cynical since getting to know Lola, and decides to help Edelman and his client – unexpectedly putting herself in danger. Laure and Gilou arrive at the last minute to save her and nab Cann when their careers are put on the line once again: Internal Affairs has decided to continue their investigations. Gilou then makes the fateful decision to confess, taking sole responsibility in order to save Laure.

As Gilou turns himself in and prepares for prison life, Laure is at last reunited with Romy. Judge Roban prepares to walk off into the proverbial sunset, and Joséphine and Lola prepare to take Lola’s rape case to trial… and that’s the story so far.

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Caroline Proust (Laure Berthaud)

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