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The Undertaker Season 5 recap

Season 5 begins with a morbid discovery at the local art museum, signaling the start of a twisty new mystery for Luc and company…

Child Burial
Having passed his exam, Fabio is now a fully certified funeral director. His self-confidence has grown accordingly, but Erika’s absence is keenly felt. As she travels the world with her “Black Coat” beau, the day-to-day running of Conrad Funeral Services has gone to the dogs: appointments are missed, bookkeeping is in disarray and every cleaning lady they hire throws in the towel on their first day. Luckily for all involved, Erika makes a surprise return from abroad and immediately sets about making everything right. Meanwhile, Anna-Maria meets a handsome and mysterious jogger. Will she be disappointed by a man again?

Then, a tragic discovery is made in the Aargau Museum of Art – a small coffin containing a baby skeleton has been placed in front of the 1863 painting “Child Burial” by the famous Swiss painter Albert Anker. This morbid mise-en-scène not only preoccupies Luc and the local police, but also a divorced couple, Irene and Tobias. Their daughter, Anouk, was kidnapped ten years ago – could this be the skeleton of their long-lost child? It becomes clear that a mysterious man named Sebastian is at work here, pursuing a cruel plan. Soon, Tobias is on the run, a suspect in the murder of his missing child – a set-up engineered by Sebastian.

Having received a mysterious postcard, Luc must ask himself a disconcerting question: Was the macabre child’s coffin at the art museum targeted at him? Ridiculed by Anna-Maria and Dörig, Luc turns to Katharina Pulver, the head curator of the museum. She is somewhat smitten with the charming undertaker and invites him to dinner in a romantic Aarau restaurant. There, they run into Anna-Maria, who in turn waits for her own dinner date – none other than Sebastian the jogger!

The Heartless Corpse
Luc receives a package containing a human heart – another piece in the morbid puzzle he is struggling with! But where is the body this heart belongs to? Luc, Anna-Maria and Dörig set out on a quest across the entire canton to find the answer. Meanwhile, Sebastian continues to manipulate Tobias, who is increasingly obsessed with finding his lost daughter…

Tobias buckles under Luc’s pressure and cooperates with the police to bring Sebastian in as a person of interest. But the arrest fails, Sebastian escapes and now seeks revenge for Tobias’ betrayal. Anna-Maria is horrified when she realizes the fugitive criminal is the man she has almost fallen for not long ago. Meanwhile, Luc finally manages to identify the dead woman with the missing heart: It is Melanie Burgmüller, a woman with whom Sebastian had fathered a daughter. Soon after her birth, the child died violently – Sebastian was held responsible and convicted to a ten-year prison sentence. Now he seeks revenge on Luc, who was the detective in charge at the time. The main witness for the prosecution was a woman named Judith Luginbühl, whom Luc is certain will be Sebastian’s next victim. But, as usual, the criminal is one step ahead. He kidnaps Judith’s daughter, Céline, in order to force Judith to make a stunning confession… that Céline is in reality Anouk, the long-lost daughter of Tobias and Irene whom Judith had kidnapped at birth! But this isn’t enough for Sebastian – he wants revenge on Luc, too.

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Mike Müller in The Undertaker

True Love Never Dies
Irene gets Judith to talk: Judith tells her that children die every day because their mothers don’t want them, and that Melanie was one of those mothers. Judith had offered Melanie 100,000 francs for her child and Melanie agreed but after the birth, Melanie changed her mind. Melanie and Judith began to physically fight for the newborn, named Michaela, but during the struggle, Michaela was killed. Judith decided to frame Sebastian for Michaela’s death. Luc reveals that he had an affair with Judith during Sebastian’s trial – a conflict of interest that horrifies Anna-Maria!

Meanwhile, Erika realizes that Fabio is missing; he’d been kidnapped earlier by Sebastian. Sebastian refuses to reveal where Fabio is unless Luc accompanies him. Together, the two set off to a cemetery where Sebastian forces Luc to dig a grave – and demands Luc hand over the coffin containing the bones of his infant daughter, Michaela. Luckily, Erika and Anna-Maria arrive in the nick of time to rescue Luc and together they find and rescue Fabio. And, after all that, Tobias and Irene’s now ten-year-old daughter Anouk is finally reunited with her reconciled parents!

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