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Are these people still as adorable as ever?
If it’s possible, they are even more so. Anna, who arrived at the hospital last season as something of a pampered princess, has grown in her capacity to nurture. Still eager to learn, she provides compassionate care, even during times of personal emotional turmoil, and emerges as a leader among the students.

Though we’re missing a few beloved faces from Season 1 – the show was so popular that the second season was ordered into production immediately after the first began airing and, presumably, several actors could not clear their other commitments – the crew that remains, along with a few new members, is absolutely charming. There’s slightly less focus on the scandal of training male nurses, which is fine, but the boys are all still there, including my fave, Bjørn (Jesper Groth), struggling to keep his religious life, and his cardigan, spotless.

Is Erik any better at following the rules?
In a word: no. Though he has right on his side, Erik can’t get the spirit of resistance out of his blood. His family defied Nazis, okay? Witchy matrons do not scare him! Do kids need to see their moms when they’re sick? Yes, but the rules say visiting hours are once a week. This will not stand with the huge-hearted Erik, a caregiver through and through. Whether or not he is a true nurse remains to be seen. I mean, rules do matter, and nurses are big on them, in general. It’s kind of their whole thing. Still, most of the bending Erik does is for the benefit of his patients – the guy takes a real body, mind and spirit approach, and his intentions are good. Those intentions continue to get him in hot water in Season 2, and even Margrethe (Benedikte Hansen) cannot protect him from the blowback, especially when Neergaard (Jens Jørn Spottag) still has it in for him. Speaking of Neergaard – he remains quite skilled at seeing the faults of others and strangely blind to his own. Naturally, all the women around him, including his wife and Margrethe, must be the ones to actually deal with the consequences of his behavior.

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How about heartwarming storylines?
Try to imagine a better holiday vacation binge-watch than this: forbidden love between student nurses; new babies born to scared but strong, moms; jerk doctors getting theirs; earnestly nervous suitors; children finding comfort… and the singing of Christmas carols in Danish! (It sounds weird and beautiful.) With the focus widened beyond Erik and Anna in Season 2, we’re able to learn more about some periphery characters. For instance, I will spoil this ONE small thing and reveal that young Dr. Friis (Thue Ersted Rasmussen), is turning 30. It seems like a small point, but I had to tell you, because apparently birthdays are enormously important in Denmark, and because he is 30, Dr. Friis is presented with the traditional gift of a peppermill… this is the kind of content we MHz Choice viewers live for, and I didn’t want you to miss it. In any case, Dr. Friis’s heart grows three sizes that day, and, for him, it’s all uphill from there.

Don’t tell me there’s a twist.
Well, listen, life is not without drama. Even encircled as we are in this TV equivalent of a delicious Danish kringle cake, there is friction. Unrequited attractions, family ties to be mended, distance-tested romances – flies in the ointment here and there, and one that leaves Anna, in particular, in a difficult quandary.

So, you’re saying this is exactly what I wanted for Christmas?
Did you want warmth and wholesomeness? The shared humanity of nurses and patients? The resilience of the human heart? You did and you’re getting it. I applaud the creators of this show for taking the best of the genre, putting a niche spin on it that was historically relevant to their nation, and turning out this lovely gift to us all.

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